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The common mistake with social media advertising...

Do you find the more you spend on Facebook ads the more it costs you?

The difficulty most people find is they think they can start spending money on social media to get sales right away or simply by ‘boosting posts’ only to be disappointed by the results.

We understand where you’re coming from as we see so many people making this very mistake.

Because it’s not about how much you spend on social media marketing. It’s about making each dollar count in your marketing campaigns whilst getting the lowest cost per click and getting as many leads as possible whilst bringing down your cost per click overtime. This is your recipe for success!

Content marketing
& the power of video

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Welcome to Aus Video Marketing

We are an award-winning video and digital marketing agency based in Brisbane. We help brands and businesses reach their target audience through cutting-edge video and digital strategies.


We specialise in social media marketing and online advertising using video as a preferred medium for paid ad campaigns across various social media platforms. This includes; Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, Youtube ads, Linkedin ads and TikTok ads. 

With over 9 years experience in the video production industry and video marketing space, we pride ourselves on our low cost ad strategies to deliver exceptional results for our clients.



Watch our FREE webinar with our CEO Jen Stockwell to learn about the benefits of video marketing and how you can utilise these strategies in your business too.


So, how do we do it?

Here's our 4 step video strategy

Step 1. Plan

Determine who your target audience is and find out what their common questions and problems are.

Step 2. Film

Film and discuss these topics on video and share the answers with your audience.

Step 3. Edit

Edit your larger videos into smaller, bite sized pieces to utilise across various social platforms.

Step 4. Distribute

Distribute your shorter videos and ‘offer’ videos for your paid ad campaigns.


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FREE Webinar:

Video Marketing Basics 

If you want to learn more about the power of video and how to make video ads for your Facebook ads, then watch our FREE webinar where Jen shares her 6 secrets for successful ads!

Meet Jen

Jen Stockwell is the CEO and Founder of Aus Video Marketing. 


She is a video marketing specialist and former professional videographer with over 9 year’s experience in the industry. Jen specialises in creating and distributing professional video content for social media and digital ad campaigns. 


As a double-award winning business owner, from Business News Australia and the QLD Young Achiever Awards, this has seen her gain momentum and attribute her recent success to a variety of high profile clients. Her strategic approach gives her the edge when creating engaging content that’s delivered effectively using low ad cost strategies.


Jen and her team work with a number of luxury resorts, small and large businesses and tourism and government bodies. Her experience in the video production and marketing industry goes hand in hand in this new era of digital marketing in the online and social media space.

Who we've worked with


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Proudly supporting the
Fred Hollows foundation

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